"Time Dilation Corridor Harmonic" by RFY

Here it is folks!!!! The FINAL INGREDIENT needed to conjure the BRAIN MACHINE!!! The first FIVE editions of this piece that are collected by those FOOLHARDY and ARROGANT enough to try to communicate with this powerful, alien intelligence will receive the "Meet the BRAIN MACHINE" NFT from me. In order to receive your "PRIZE" (which might drive you completely insane or suck you into an alternate dimension---all risks are the responsibility of the collectors, NOT Richard F. Yates or his wife OR NFT Showroom! You have only yourself to blame...), you must have ALL THREE INGREDIENTS in your collection, and then contact me by DM on Twitter, Discord, Instagram, etc., and let me know that you've completed the spell. I will be going primarily off the edition numbers and time stamps on NFT Showroom to determine the first FIVE "winners," however, in case of some controversy or unforeseen weirdness (I get a lot of that), anyone who agrees to participate in this ritual ALSO agrees to take it easy on me, as I am just a Holy Fool, who doesn't know much about nothin'... But I'll try to make all parties happy, SOMEHOW... This is about the fun!!!! (Are we having fun???) THE CLOCK IS TICKING!!!! Go! Go! Go!!! ---Richard F. Yates (Holy Fool)
  • Creator: @richardfyates
  • Total Edition(s): 11
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