FADED PASSION Lost in the unreal realm , she lost her mind her passions and love start to fade , broken hearted full of thoughts , she was torn apart by this world so she wanted a new one where she can have a new life,her passions and energy are fading away the beauties surrounding her are dying she's short of words, penetrated by deep thoughts while her soul is giving up. This piece of art is a unique one and really means alot to my life as an artist, I hope it finds rightful owners who can connect. This is 4000px by 6000px digital painting
  • Creator: @tblings-art
  • Total Edition(s): 4
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tblings-art1 Full Commercial 20 SWAP.HIVE
tblings-art2 Full Commercial 20 SWAP.HIVE
tblings-art3 Full Commercial 20 SWAP.HIVE
tblings-art4 Full Commercial 20 SWAP.HIVE