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Polkadot Crypto Coin Art "Web3" as a Non-Fungible Token (NFT). Polkadot is a meta blockchain, which aims to solve interoperability between blockchains and scaling. The project started as an ICO in 2017 with Gavin Wood on board, the co-founder and CTO of Ethereum. The smallest unit of DOT is called Planck and was redenominated in August 2020 by a factor of 100. 1 original DOT became 100 new DOTs. This cryptoart is a composition of the official Polkadot logo and a dot pattern I created in PaintShop Pro. Limited Edition. Only 5 Tokens available.

Creator: @vikisecrets

Edition(s): 5

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vikisecrets2Full Commercial 30 SWAP.HIVE
vikisecrets3Full Commercial 60 SWAP.HIVE
monsterbuster1Full Commercial 100 SWAP.HIVE
vikisecrets4Full Commercial 120 SWAP.HIVE
vikisecrets5Full Commercial 999 SWAP.HIVE
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