Huge return on Hive investment (My first NFT)

You might disagree on the calculation, but I got special skills.. I got my first Bitcoins in april 2013 and told everyone it would go to millions and we are soon there. Original post with the NFT cover: Of course you can speculate on selling this NFT at higher prices later, that's the whole point of it, right? Profit from initial sale goes 50%/50% to @zaxan and @lasseehlers.
  • Creator: @lasseehlers
  • Total Edition(s): 10
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lasseehlers1 Private 150 SWAP.HIVE
lasseehlers2 Private 150 SWAP.HIVE
lasseehlers3 Private 150 SWAP.HIVE
lasseehlers4 Private 150 SWAP.HIVE
lasseehlers5 Private 150 SWAP.HIVE
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